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A number of units in this qualification are work-based and will be completed as part of the day to day work activities carried out matching them to specific criteria listed in the units.

However some units are assessed via examination and the content of this page refers to studying for those examinations.

Early preparation and a planned study schedule for the examinations is essential:

Study Resources offered by PMI

  1. As the case studies are based on three fictitious pension schemes - two final salary schemes, one of which is contracted out and a money purchase scheme with the option to contract out, becoming familiar with those schemes is essential. They are downloadable now.
  2. Practise calculations from past papers and check the answers against those given in the appendix to the Examiners’ Report.
  3. Read copies of past Examiners’ Reports – these will identify many common problems and guidance about how to avoid them.
  4. Purchase the relevant access key for on-line learning. A separate PMI online learning inter-active programme is available for each of the examined areas – Transfers, Deaths, Retirement and Leavers. It guides candidates through their preferred learning style enabling them to define how they want to practice for the examinations.
  5. Attend a revision course held at PMI House (if numbers allow). 

Studying using the PMI online learning programmes

The online learning programmes are accessible from any computer that gives access to the internet. Each programme will keep a record of a candidate's progress and monitor their results as they work through the material. 

Users will have immediate access to any changes in content and material connected with any of the unit programmes for which they have access.

Access keys cannot be shared between users as the online learning programmes are designed to keep track of the individual's progress.

Please be mindful that, although covering numerous scenarios, the on-line examples cannot cover each and every permutation on which candidates may be tested in the examinations.

Registration for online learning

The centre contact will need to complete the online learning registration form