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This page contains details of the latest courses of interest to those studying for the Advanced Diploma in Retirement Provision examinations.  A range of highly engaging courses are offered to meet the study support needs of our students.

Revision courses

About a month in advance of the April and October examinations, revision courses are held in central London.  These comprehensive courses are generally half day sessions devoted to the study of each module with face to face tuition, giving students ample opportunity to raise specific questions or difficulties with the lecturer.  The lecturers are of course, experts in their field, and have invaluable knowledge to share.

Candidates are recommended to attend the revision courses as evidence suggests those who do are more likely to pass an examination.

Booking is handled through the entry form, which is available on the Spring 2019 Examination Form page.

In the event of written cancellation four weeks before the course, 50% of the fee will be refunded. No fees are refundable after this date, though it will be possible to substitute an attendee up to the day of the course.

Dates for the revision courses for the Spring 2019 exams can be found here.

Some of our Regional Groups also offer revision courses prior to the examinations.

Two day lecture courses for International 1 and International 2 examinations

We provide a two day lecture programme preparing students for the International 1 and International 2 examinations.  This programme of two separate days of preparation and revision for the examinations was launched in response to the growing demand for face to face tuition at the start of the study period and close to the exam itself.  The courses consists of two full day sessions, a mock examination and feedback throughout the study period leading up to the examination.

Dates for the next Lecture courses can be found on the Dates, fees and forms. Here you can also download the booking  form.

Benefits of attending courses and completing distance learning assignments

Research statistics for past Advanced Diploma examinations suggest that Students who completed our web based distance learning courses and attended a revision session – as a complete study support package - increased their chances of passing an examination in comparison to those who did not take part in either.

We therefore recommend Students take part in our comprehensive courses to enhance their understanding of a specific module they wish to sit.  The distance learning courses and revision courses have been specifically tailored to meet the growing demand for study support and we have created such programmes to provide an all encompassing learning environment for our students.