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Prize winners

In April and October, an individual Student is selected from each Advanced Diploma module by the Board of Examiners’ to be awarded a prize for the best performance in that module.  The prize is a certificate and a cheque for £150.  The PMI award winners are invited to a PMI event as a guest.

The prizes are kindly sponsored by various organisations.  For the 2017 examinations our thanks go to the following sponsors:

Society of Pension Professionals (SPP)   (Core Unit 1A - Understanding Retirement Provision)

Association of Pension Lawyers (APL) (Core Unit 2 - Regulation of Retirement Provision)

Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) (Defined Benefit Arrangements, April only)

Association of Consulting Actuaries (ACA) (Core Unit 4 - Financing and Investing for Retirement Provision)

Pensions Research Accountants Group (PRAG) (Core Unit 3 - Running a Workplace Pension Scheme)

International Employee Benefits Association (IEBA) (International 2: Managing International Employee Benefits)


Prize Winner Articles

For the last coupe of examination session, we have profiled the PMI Prize Winners in our PMI News magazine.  The articles can be found below

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October 2016 Prize Winner Article

April 2017 Prize Winner Article


Regional Prizes

Following each April examination session, an individulal Student from each PMI region is selected by the Board of Examiners to be a regional prize winner. Someone from the regional group will notify the Student of their prize.

The candidates are awarded the prize for best performance in their respective regions and is calculated by calculating the number of marks above the pass mark that Student is for all of the examinations they have entered.