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Private examinations

Private examination sittings

It is possible to arrange ad hoc private sittings of the examination at dates and times to suit specific groups of candidates. This facility is provided by the PMI to make the APT examinations as widely and as flexibly available as possible. Should an organisation wish to use this facility it allows them to select a location, date and time to suit their requirements. Examinations can be taken on any working day during the hours of 9am to 5pm.

NOTE:  There is a set fee per private sitting of £2250 and this is based on a minimum number of ten candidates at any sitting. If there are any more than ten candidates in any sitting then each extra candidate is charged the standard examination entry fee.

There must be an organiser at the exam location who is responsible for setting up the examination centre, room and contact with candidates. A PMI invigilator will conduct the examination.

NOTE: An absolute minimum of one calender months notice is required to request a private sitting.

  • Small groups of candidates may sit the examination on one of the dates and times as above but at a location specially organised for them by someone other than the PMI. The organiser will be responsible for submitting the form and correct remittance (the fees are shown below), setting up the examination centre, room and contact with candidates. A PMI invigilator will conduct the examination.
  • The examination may also be made available to small groups of candidates at any location in the UK on any working day between 9am and 5pm.  Fees and responsibilities are as described in the paragraph above.

Private Examination Requirements 

Full details of the requirements for setting up a private examination sitting can be found here.

How to apply to run a private examination

The organisation must complete an application form for each examination booked, and send this to us together with the correct fee.  This must be received at least one calendar month in advance of the requested examination date.

Each candidate must also complete a form, which must be received by PMI at least two weeks in advance of the examination date.

In the event of the examination being cancelled less than two weeks prior to the examination date, 10% of the standard fee will be charged, or deducted from any refunded fees.

Download a copy of the registration and examination entry form for 'on demand' private examinations.

If you are interested in arranging one of these examinations please contact qualifications@pensions-pmi.org.uk