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Diploma in Retirement Provision

This Diploma qualification rewards and acknowledges the completion of the core pensions technical units within the Advanced Diploma in Retirement Provision. Diploma holders are encouraged to go on to complete the Advanced Diploma.

The following units are required to complete the qualification:

  • Core Unit 1A - Understanding Retirement Provision
  • Core Unit 2 - Regulation of Retirement Provision
  • Core Unit 3 - Running a Workplace Pension Scheme
  • Core Unit 4 - Financing and Investing for Retirement Provision

and either

  • Defined Benefit Arrangements; or
  • Defined Contribution Arrangements

Studying for the Diploma

All units are supported by a comprehensive study material package.

All units have revision courses available - generally about a month befire the examination takes place. Details can be found in the individual qualification links.

If you wish to order study material/ enter examinations for the units in the Diploma in Retirement Provision, please click here.

Code of professional conduct

To begin studying for the Diploma it is first necessary to register as a Student, Certificate or Diploma member of the PMI click on the following link for more details http://www.pensions-pmi.org.uk/membership/membership-categories/student-membership/

As a member of the PMI you are required to adhere to our Code of Professional Conduct.

Click here to download a copy of the Code of Professional Conduct.

PMI Membership

It is a compulsory requirement to be a member of the PMI to sit the examinations.  Candidates (who are not already PMI Members) must first become a student member. Candidates completing the Diploma are entitled to seek election as Diploma Members of PMI with the designatory initials DipPMI.

Advanced Diploma Syllabus Structure from April 2016 Examinations

The 100, 200 and 300 level syllabuses were last examined in October 2015. The Advanced Diploma changed for examinations beginning in April 2016.  These changes also impact Diploma level qualifications within the Advanced Diploma structure.

Revised study material will be available from September 2015. Full details can be found in the Advanced Diploma Consultation Response Document.  Further information will be made available on this website in due course.

An FAQ document has been produced that covers these issues and others and can be found here.

Want to contribute to PMI qualifications?

The PMI relies on the contribution of individuals working in the industry. Without the involvement of these people it would be very difficult for our qualifications to be what they are.

If you would like to get involved visit Support for the Institute's Qualification Activities

If you know what you would like to get involved with visit Register Your Interest. Please return to qualifications@pensions-pmi.org.uk.

Customer service

The PMI is committed to providing a customer focused and professional service to all its approved assessment centres, students and candidates taking any of our qualifications.  Please click on the attached links for details of all of our commitments to you.

Customer Service Statement

Equal Opportunities Statement

Further information

For further information about this qualification (or if you have any questions about accreditation for prior learning) contact the Qualifications Department at qualifications@pensions-pmi.org.uk or on 020 7392 7400.


  1. Diploma in Retirement Provision Test Specification

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  3. Diploma in Retirement Provision Qualification Specification

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  4. Advanced Diploma Consultation Response 2015

    Advanced Diploma Consultation Response 2015. Including full details of the Advanced Diploma for examination from April 2016.