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The overall aim of the Diploma is to provide holders with a comprehensive background to employee benefits and retirement savings in the UK.  This will equip them for work in pensions and allied areas and can lead to further study in these areas or toward completion of the Advanced Diploma.

Please note to undertake the Diploma you must be a Student, Certificate or Diploma member of the PMI.

To enter for an examination please do the following:

  • download the examination regulations and examination entry form
  • read the examination regulations and complete and sign the examination entry form
  • arrange payment via cheque, BACS or credit/debit card to cover the examination fee
  • send the completed examination entry form and payment to the PMI by post, email
  • make a note to check that you have received your examination acknowledgement prior to the closing date in order that there is time for another entry to be submitted if the original has gone astray.

Examination Material Notes

The examinations in 2018 will be based on the law as it existed at 6 April 2017. An awareness of any significant changes after 6 April will be to a candidate’s advantage. Therefore, the study manuals will be based on the law as it existed at 6 April 2017 unless stated otherwise.

Examination centres

A selection of centres across the UK is available on the application form.

There are some centres overseas, details of which are available on request, but it should be noted that special fees and earlier closing dates may apply.


All examination entry forms will be acknowledged. Please make sure you have received an acknowledgement of your entry prior to the closing date for entries.

Late entries cannot be accepted.

Admission permits

Admission permits will be issued to candidates at least 2 weeks before the examinations take place.

Photo identification

All candidates for the Diploma examinations are required to take appropriate photo identification to the examination hall.

The following documents are acceptable as identification:

  • a current passport
  • a national identity document containing your photograph and signature
  • a company identification card containing your photograph and signature
  • a driving licence containing your photograph and signature

Special circumstances

Candidates who may require special arrangements for reasons of disability or similar should contact the PMI. Sufficient time should be allowed for such requests to be considered and for any arrangements to be made. All requests should be received by the closing date for entries at the latest.

Withdrawal from examinations

Candidates who wish to withdraw from an examination must do so in writing. Depending on the circumstances and timing of the withdrawal candidates may be entitled to a partial refund of the examination entry fee. Full details can be found in the examination regulations.

Examination marking

Responsibility for the operation of the PMI's examinations is delegated by Council to the Board of Examiners. The Board operates a rigorous marking process with numerous safeguards to ensure the anonymity of candidates, the impartiality of examiners, reliability, consistency, validity, objectivity and fairness.

The marking in each module is undertaken by qualified Members of the PMI, under the direction of a team of senior examiners led by a Principal Examiner who is a member of the Board of Examiners. All scripts are independently double marked.

Examination results

Examination results for April examinations are issued in July and for October examinations in December. The exact dates are published in advance on this website and in PMI News.

Result notifications are sent directly to candidates by first class post on the day of issue. A copy of the pass list is available on this website on publication day which is usually the first working day after results have been posted.

The Institute does not publish the pass mark for the examinations. Pass rates are published in PMI News following each examination session.

Examination grades

There is only one grade of pass (Grade P on the result notification). There are two grades of fail:

Grade S Fail within five marks of that required for a pass

Grade T Fail more than five marks below that required for a pass.

PMI does not publish the pass mark for the examinations. Pass rates are published in PMI News following each examination session.

Post Results Policy

Details of the PMI appeals procedure can be found here. Any questions should be sent to qualifications@pensions-pmi.org.uk


In all circumstances, our liability is limited to a complete refund of the entry fee paid for the exam concerned.

Malpractice and Maladministration Policy

PMI has a responsibility to have in place policies and procedures to prevent malpractice and/or maladministration in the development, delivery and award of its qualifications.  PMI is applying this policy to ALL of its qualifications whether they are regulated or not.

This policy is aimed at PMI’s customers, including candidates taking our qualifications and centres delivering, awarding and accommodating the assessment of PMI examinations and/or workbased assessments within or outside the UK.