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Candidate registration

To undertake the Diploma in Employee Benefits and Retirement Savings qualification, you must become a StudentCertificate or Diploma Member of PMI if you are not a member already. With your application form, you are required to pay the student subscription rate for the current membership year.

Student Membership is an introductory grade which is open to those wishing to study for our Advanced Diploma examinations.  It is also available to all those studying other PMI qualifications. There are a range of benefits to becoming a member and these are detailed here

Certificate and Diploma Membership are grades of Membership open to those who have passed appropriate PMI examinations from the qualifications framework. 

Student, Certificate or Diploma Membership is compulsory for those wishing to sit Advanced Diploma in Retirement Provision examinations.

Timing of application

Applications for Student, Certificate or Diploma Membership may be submitted throughout the year.  If you wish to sit examinations in April you should submit an application in the late Summer of the preceding year.  If you wish to sit examinations in October you should submit application in the early Spring.  This will allow you a full six months to study for the Advanced Diploma examinations.  For details of closing dates see the Dates, fees and forms page.

Code of Conduct

 As a member of the PMI, you are required to adhere to our Code of Professional Conduct.

Click here to download a copy of the Code of Conduct.


You should expect to receive notification from PMI within ten working days of submitting your application indicating whether you have been accepted as a Student, Certificate Member or Diploma Member.

Continuing as a Student, Certificate or Diploma Member

Once you have registered as a Student, Certificate or Diploma Member you will continue in Membership providing you pay the annual subscription.  The annual subscription is payable in advance on 1 September each year (we will contact you to let you know when and how this can be paid each year).

Lapsed Membership

If a Member does not pay the annual subscription, his/her Membership will lapse.

Any lapsed member wishing to rejoin should contact the PMI on 020 7392 7410 or