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Under the banner 'Shaping the Pensions Professionals of Tomorrow' we are very pleased to be working with leading companies operating in managing or advising UK pension schemes to offer an enhanced study support service for Students undertaking the Diploma.

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Study material

For core units 1A and 2 we have produced a study material package which includes a study manual and access to an online learning programme.

In order to simplify the ordering process we have packaged the examination entry fee with the study material. There is a single fee for each package which includes:

  • A sitting of the examination
  •  Access to the study material package
  • Access to updates of the study material (where applicable)
  •  Access to sample examination questions
  • The election fee for student membership (where applicable)

For the Reward unit we have also produced a study material package which includes a study manual, a communication manual and access to an online learning programme.

As with the core units we have packaged the examination entry fee with the study material and make it available for a single fee.  The package for the Reward unit is similar to that for the core units but also includes a separate communication manual.

Communication Skills

Effective communications are an essential part of iploma studies and of the work of the workplace pensions professional.   As the Reward unit covers the application of technical knowledge the examinations include a test of communication skills as they apply to the various aspects of workplace pensions.   Therefore, some examination questions will specify a particular format for answers or require evidence of other communication skills.  These formats, as well as an appreciation of communication skill, for workplace pensions professionals, are covered in the Communication manual which accompanies each specialist unit.

Further Reading

Whilst the online learning is designed to be comprehensive, further reading is recommended.  Appropriate weekly and monthly pensions publications and newspapers will all be of benefit to those preparing for the examination.

A comprehensive glossary of pensions terms can be found in the PMI/PRAG publication, Pensions Terminology, which can be purchased from the PMI.

Study Material Access 2018

To access the 2018 material you will need the details sent to you in the email acknowledging your order.

Click here for a step-by-step procedure to access the study material.

Details on how the study material packages work can be found here.

Further information

For further information about studying for the Diploma contact us at qualifications@pensions-pmi.org.uk


  1. Study Timetable 2017

    Study Timetable 2017

  2. Advanced Diploma Study Timetable 2018

    Advanced Diploma Study Timetable 2018. This timetable is also applicable for Diploma examinations within the Advanced Diploma suite.

  3. Advanced Diploma Online Instructions 2018

    Instructions for accessing the online learning system for Advanced Diploma units.

  4. 2018 Notes for Students: Study Material Packages

    Notes on the study material packages for Advanced Diploma and related Diplomas.