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PMI/Standard Life - DC Pulse

Defined Contribution (DC) schemes – in some form or other – look like being the new norm for the industry. We have to make them work, as effectively and as securely as possible, to safeguard people’s retirement income. So with DC pensions coming more into the fore, PMI Standard Life ‘DC Pulse’ investigates alternative methods of providing adequate ways of saving for retirement.

Our partnership with Standard Life on DC focussed research and thought leadership is instrumental in helping gain insight and to support and inform decisions and showcase working practices in the future.

DC Pulse

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This research looks at several key themes for companies which already operate some form of DC pensions provision for many (or all) of their workforce:

  • Will your current DC provision be fit for purpose?
  • Can your company cope with scalability issues?
  • Issues around offering flexible retirement but facing a lack of flexibility around the DC investment options
  • Effective future-proofing to DC pension schemes
  • Diversified growth options in order to reduce DC volatility
  • Effective DC employee engagement

Standard Life

Standard Life has approximately 6.5 million customers worldwide and provides an extensive range of products and services aimed at meeting the financial requirements of customers throughout their lives.

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