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Rosie Lacey



Rosie has had a diverse career, from administration to pensions manager, both in house and in consultancy. She spent several years focussed on pensions communications with the AA, Barclays and Mercer. Having a bent for technical details, she worked as a policy advisor for the NAPF (PLSA) providing guidance on the changes being proposed through the PA 2004. As a client manager for MNPA, she helped define the administration requirements of the PA 2004. For the last 11 years she has been a pensions manager, at CSC, AIB (UK) and RBS.

A critical function of the PMI is to grow and develop the knowledge of students, ensuring they remain relevant in an increasingly complex environment and promote excellence throughout the industry. She has been an examiner for several years and was a verifier for the QPA. As a PMI Fellowship Networking Ambassador, she promotes the PMl's continued learning and support amongst peers and colleagues. She is working with PASA and TPR to develop a DC Governance framework to help all stakeholders optimise member outcomes.

She feels the PMI needs to continue to engage effectively with policymakers to raise our voice and influence the delivery of world class retirement solutions. Society is changing and we need to adapt our approach to members and the tools we use to engage with those inside and outside the PMI. Through her passion and commitment, she will help drive our agenda by providing challenge and leveraging my extensive experience to provide an alternative point of view.