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A total of 8 units must be completed by candidates in order to achieve the qualification.

2017 onwards version

This qualification has been revised and full details published in the Qualification Specification which can be found in the links at the bottom of this page.  The 8 units required to complete the qualification can include any of 10 work-based units or 4 examined units.  Unit 1 of the work-based units is mandatory.

The Qualification Specification includes details of the transitional arrangements for those who have credits from the pre 2017 version of the qualification.

Pre 2017 version

Transitional arrangements (pre 2017 version)

If you have any completed units from other PMI qualifications it may be possible to transfer them to CPA as follows:

Mandatory units (pre 2017 version)

Candidates must select at least one of these units but they can take two or all three if they wish:

Other units (pre 2017 verison)

Candidates can select any units from this section:

Customer service units (pre 2017 version)

The units in this section are taken from the Council for Administration National Occupational Standards for Customer Service.

Candidates do not have to select any units from this section but if they do they can only select one.

Click on the qualification structure for a complete overview.

Click on the guide for candidates for further clarification on this qualification.


  1. Qualification Specification Certificate in Pensions Administration

    2017 Qualification Specification CPA