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The PMI’s Dashboards Industry Guide 2023
4 October 2023

The PMI’s Dashboards Industry Guide 2023

The future of pensions management using the Pensions Dashboards Programme (PDP), which on completion will aggregate information concerning all of an individual’s accrued pension savings into a single online portal.



In September 2016, Economic Secretary Simon Kirby stood before an eager audience at Aviva's Digital Garage in Shoreditch, unveiling a ground-breaking initiative set to transform how the public accesses information about their pension benefits. This bold project, the Pensions Dashboards, aimed to consolidate all your accrued pension savings into one seamless online portal, promising to simplify retirement planning for generations to come.


The journey to create this dashboard was nothing short of Herculean. Millions of member records needed meticulous cleansing, while overcoming technological hurdles in harmonizing data from diverse pension schemes demanded unwavering dedication and innovation. Guided by the steadfast leadership of the Pensions Dashboards Programme (PDP), this colossal endeavour is now approaching its grand unveiling.

This dashboard, underpinned by cutting-edge technology, surpasses the initial challenges. It heralds a new era in UK pension provision, offering respite to those navigating the evolving world of work. As millennials and zoomers change jobs frequently, accrue pension rights across multiple schemes, and face uncertain work patterns, the Pensions Dashboards emerges as a beacon of clarity. It empowers individuals to trace their pension rights effortlessly, compare savings, and make informed decisions for their secure and comfortable future.


Join us in embracing this revolutionary leap in pension management, ensuring that your retirement is as bright as your career ambitions.

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Last update: 10 October 2023

Barnett Waddingham
Heywood Pension Technologies
Travers Smith

Senior Pension Operations Analyst

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Client Manager

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Location: Belfast, County Antrim