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Previous syllabus

There have been several syllabuses in operation and details of these are included in the pdf documents here.  The details have been extracted from the relevant PMI yearbooks.

How to translate passes/credits from previous syllabus to the current syllabus 

Passes/credits from previous syllabuses must be translated through each set of transitional arrangements in order.  Students with passes/credits from previous syllabuses should consult the tables below to determine which transitional arrangements apply and then translate them accordingly. 

The 201-306 (2006-2015) syllabus

The A-J (2002-2005) syllabus

The 1-9 (1994-2001) syllabus

The A-H (1988-1993) syllabus

The 1-9 (1982-1987) syllabus

The 1A-2C (1977-1981) syllabus