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Creative Sparks

Investing in the best systems, designing a pensions strategy that is right for your business and making it easy to understand are not enough to engage people with pensions. Unless employees and members want to find out more and are supported in making choices, companies and trustees are not getting the maximum return on their investment. 

Capita’s Creative Sparks agency does so much more than writing and designing communications. We believe in communicating with an audience of one, making sure that every employee receives communications that are personal and relevant to them. We do this by combining data analysis and research to provide an evidence-based approach to engagement. Measuring the effectiveness of what we do is vital to creating sustainable engagement.

We believe there is a place for digital and print communications; the important thing is to do what is right for the person on the receiving end. We think about people, not products. 

As well as our communications skills and creativity, we are experts in pensions, benefits and reward. From pension scheme changes to moving pensions and benefits online, our qualifications and experience ensure the integrity of our communications.

Here’s a quick video about how we approach our work:

Capita's Creative Sparks - Ignite the Spark from Creative Sparks on Vimeo.

Louise Harris, Head of Client Communications, says: “We’re passionate about helping employees to engage with their workplace benefits and retirement planning. That’s why we listen to you and get to know your people to create communications that make sense for your them.”

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If you want to get members interested in saving for their retirement or getting the most out of their flex scheme, contact one of the Creative Sparks team about using the latest and most engaging member communication delivery methods.

Louise Harris

Louise Harris
Head of Client Communications



About Capita

Capita's employee benefits business is one of the largest employee benefits consultancies in the UK; a multi award-winning organisation servicing over 1,200 clients and more than four million company employees and pension scheme members.

As part of Capita plc, a FTSE 100 company, we are able to invest heavily in the development of our people, enabling them to deliver transformational consultancy and administrative excellence, underpinned by market-leading technology.

Capita Expert Insight Columns

People would be happy to see changes to pensions if it just made them simpler (February 2017)

Pension enthusiasts and detractors will note that there has been a lot of change in the pensions
industry, especially in terms of policy and regulation. Gareth Davies, Research and Engagement
Manager at Capita discusses why people would be happy to see changes to pensions if it just made
them simpler. Click here to read more. 

Why employers need to 'Mind The Gap' when planning pensions and benefits campaigns
(November 2016)

We have now released our fourth annual Employee Insight Report. The report looks at
inter-generational unfairness and financial literacy, and is now available as a free
download. Click here to read more. 

From a one-size-fits-all approach to an audience of one (August 2016)

We know employees struggle with pensions terminology, in fact 50% find it confusing and
complicated – are employee communications campaigns the way to bridge the knowledge gap?
Gareth Davies, Research & Engagement Manager, discusses why we need to focus on the ‘how’
of communication and not just the message Click here to read more. 

'Hands that do dishes' (May 2016)

As a phenomenon, Big Data has really just started to grab people's attention within the pension's world, but as a concept in the world of marketing it's been around for years. So, how can we use a data-led approach to design a more effective communication strategy for members? Click here to read more.

What did the festive period show us about saving for retirement? (February 2016)

Do people have the ability to look beyond the next financial milestone? Using Google Trends, we can get a better understanding of the importance of timing and relevance. Click here to read more.

A communications roadmap for Master Trusts (November 2015)

Tim Phillips, Head of Operations (Master Trust) at Capita Employee Benefits, discusses the market shift toward Master Trusts and the importance of delivering a communications strategy that transcends the full spectrum of employee demographics. Click here to read more.

Breaking the fourth wall - augmented reality for pension and benefits (August 2015)

In the age of the smart device, content can be delivered in a variety of formats. Unfortunately, in the pensions and benefits world, it’s a struggle to attain the same virality as other industries. Louise Harris, Head of Client Communications for Capita Employee Benefits, explores the application of augmented reality and how it can instil creativity and fun into a communications strategy. Click here to read more.

Once upon a time (May 2015)

Communications Before Defined Contribution were about providing barely needed, seldom referenced information to indifferent members. Now, in the After Defined Contribution world, members need to make decisions, especially in the wake of the new pension reforms. Click here to read more.

Shakespeare and pensions (February 2015)

The UK pension industry is about to change. As Shakespeare said: “It is neither good nor bad but THINKING makes it so”. We have a crucial window for engaging members and helping them to think about their options, and this should be at the forefront of the minds of employers and Trustees. Click here to read more.

Dr Eric's Insights

Using DC Member Analytics to deal with some common challenges (March 2015)

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