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Diploma in Pension Trusteeship
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Diploma in Pension Trusteeship

The Diploma in Pension Trusteeship is a new, standalone award, designed to show judgement when dealing with complex pensions issues, above and beyond technical knowledge.

The aim of this qualification is to increase professionalism further and highlight the distinction between Lay/Member nominated trustees and Professional trustees qualified at the same level. The Diploma is the PMI’s first qualification to integrate ESG into its course material, making it a markedly more advanced qualification’


Next online exam date: 4 July 2022 | Applications closed


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Who is this course for?


This Diploma will be of interest to a variety of PMI members and others acting as trustees of DB and DC workplace pension schemes including:

  • Members of Governance Committees
  • Trustees and Scheme Secretaries
  • Those who have completed the Pensions Regulator’s trustee Toolkit
  • Those interested in trusteeship

Learning support


There is no intention to produce any study materials to cover the technical content of this qualification, although there are many textbooks on the subject of trustees and trusteeship, and the PMI will provide a reading list of these plus journals and magazines for guidance (within Guidance Document).

It is envisaged that training materials/courses may be developed in future, via a series of ‘Masterclasses’.

Study time


This is also known as Total Qualification Time (TQT).

TQT is a measure required by Ofqual the qualifications regulator and is comprised of:

  • Guided Learning Hours (GLH). This means time spent being taught by an instructor (and not necessarily face to face);

Guided learning hours (GHL)              0              (Distance learning)

Self-study (SS)                                      160            (40 per learning outcome)

Formative Assessment (F)                  2              (Mock Exams)

Summative Assessment (S)                2              (Online Exams)

Total Assessment Time (TAT)              4              (F+S)

Total Qualification Time                     164 Hours (GLH+SS+TAT)   

  • Study Time. This means self-study/revision/reading
  • Assessment Time: This is both Formative and Summative (Mock Exams and Final Exams)

The above estimates are based on evidence we have gathered from users of our qualifications, past experience and benchmarking exercises. The evidence we have gathered indicates that there is considerable variation within the overall TQT estimates as blended approaches are common with differing mixes of Guided Learning and other elements which contribute to TQT.

These estimates are reviewed regularly.



Qualification Package (Non-Trustee Member) £510

Please note: To sit this qualification you must be a Trustee Group member of the PMI, currently £165.


Qualification Package (Current Trustee Member) £345


Re-Sit Fee (Current Trustee Member) £345

Re-Sit Fee (Non-Trustee Member) £510


Final certificate: Free of charge

Replacement certificate: £15 (PDF), £30 (hard copy)