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NOTICE FOR SEPTEMBER 2018 EXAMINATIONS - Changes to the Booklets

Centres and their candidates should be aware that the Scheme Booklets and Tables of Factors have been reviewed and updated for the September 2018 VQ Examinations.  The latest versions can be found on the Scheme Booklets Page.

When are the examinations held?

The examinations are held at set times each March and September and take place at each candidate’s own Centre.  It is the responsibility of the Centre to provide a room and an invigilator for each examination.

How are the examinations marked?

The papers are marked externally.  Please click here to see the performance criteria for the examinations.

Examiners Report

The examiners report for the 2019 Spring examinations can be found here.

What are the examination dates for 2019?

Important timetable dates for the 2019 examinations (including the posting date for results) can be found on the Dates Page.  

Can I gain access to papers from previous examinations?

It is possible to download past papers from the Past Examination Papers Page.  Candidates should take care where past papers are based on previous versions of the Scheme Booklets and Tables of Factors.  Where this is the case, candidates should download the relevant versions.  These can be accessed by following the above link.    

Arrangements for Special Consideration

Special consideration can be given to an individual who has temporarily experienced illness or injury or some other circumstance outside his or her control (such as problems at the exam centre such as noise or disturbance) that may have impacted on performance or attainment.  Please click here for the PMI Policy on Special Consideration.

Further information

DPA regulations and guidance notes.

For further details about the examinations:

Contact: qualifications@pensions-pmi.org.uk 

Complaints and Appeals

The PMI is committed to providing fair and consistent examination, verification, approval and assessment processes.

Details of the PMI’s complaints and appeals policy for the VQ examinations is available here.